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Finding Strength


January 2009-  I ended up at a local church’s ribbon cutting ceremony as an Ambassador for the local Chamber of Commerce.  I wasn’t raised in a church.  We went as a family when I was very young but I barely remember the experience.  I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and toured this amazing new church that had just been built.  It was beautiful– the scenic views from the mountaintop were breathtaking.  The people were kind but more importantly– they were down to Earth.  The pastor looked like the typical surfer down the street.  The childcare facility was fabulous.  I left that day thinking, “It seems great but I don’t go to church“.

A few days later I had a dream– it was a Saturday night.  In my dream, people were stopping me to tell me that Ben D. and Ryan D. were both trying to contact me.  These individuals were people that I went to high school with 20 years prior.  In my dream, I remember being very confused as to why Ben and Ryan needed to speak to me.  I woke up and realized that Ben and Ryan both had one thing in common- they were both heavily involved in church.  I only knew this because of Facebook.  Ben was a Pastor in Texas and Ryan was a musician and Worship Leader at a local church.

I awoke from the dream and searched for the service times for the church that I had visited the week before.  Something was pulling me to go to church– so I did.  I walked into the service and there was music playing.  On the screen were the words, “Written by Ryan Delmore“.  In my dream, Ryan was trying to contact me.  Ryan didn’t go to this particular church but they started and ended the service with his song.  It was surreal and I felt like it was a sign.

December 2011-Next month will be my third year at this fabulous church and it has given me strength when I needed it most.  It has given me a sense of community and it has been my lifeline on many occasions.  It has given me strength more times than I can count.

That dream changed my life.